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Ningjin County Zhengde conveying equipment Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise, specializing in the production of various conveying equipment and accessories, such as: mesh belt, chain, sprocket, chain plate, belt conveyor, chain conveyor, belt type drying machine, turning machine and other products. Since the establishment of the company, to the quality of survival, excellence, digestion and absorption of new technologies, new technology, forge ahead, won the overwhelming majority of customer support and help, in this regard to express my sincere gratitude.
At present, the main products of the company:
1, glass line with annealing furnace mesh belt, baking furnace mesh belt, bottle conveyor belt, etc..
2, biscuits assembly line with oven mesh belt, conveyor, turning machine, etc..
3, chocolate coated with B nets, meat, frozen, baking, etc..
4, frozen food, fruit and vegetable clear sterilization line with chain, mesh belt, support shaft.
5, instant noodles' rice noodle line with a 'chain and a variety of oil boxes. Drying hanging box, bowl box, face knife, face comb.
6, high temperature furnace conveyor belt for heat treatment equipment.
7, all kinds of pipeline equipment with mesh belt, chain design and manufacture.
8, all kinds of mesh belt conveyor, chain conveyor design and manufacture.
9, all kinds of horseshoe chain, chain board, B nets, the Great Wall net belt.
The enterprise is facing the direction of the development of modern management, quality is life, service is the enterprise based on the fundamental of the enterprise, with its strict scientific management, high quality products, good service, customer service, return customers, seek common development with friends from all walks of life, endless innovation, sincere forever.