What are the main functions of the mesh belt dryer?

Mesh belt dryer is a batch, continuous production of drying equipment, small investment, fast drying, high evaporation intensity. The main heating mode of the dryer is electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating, then the main function of the network belt dryer, we know how much it is for everyone to explain in detail:
Net belt dryer will be treated by the material material spreading mechanism appropriate, such as star distributor, swing band, mill or granulator, the distribution on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt through one or several heating unit channels, each heating units are equipped with air heating and circulating system, each a channel has one or several wet exhaust system, a conveyor belt in the hot air from the top down, or from the bottom up through the material on the belt, so that the material can be dried evenly.
The main function of the mesh belt dryer is these, we should reasonably carry out reasonable operation, only in this way can make the performance of the full display, so as to improve our work efficiency.