The Great Wall net belt

The Great Wall net belt (horseshoe chain)

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The Great Wall belt
Also known as: Horseshoe chain, plate mesh belt, metal mesh belt, towing;
Features: mesh belt is a flat metal sheet and composed of round wire mesh belt, mesh gap, light weight, smooth surface, smooth operation, will not walk.
Application: washing, drying, cooling, heat treatment line, line, frozen bread food machinery in the spiral tower conveying, spraying, cleaning machinery, light industrial machinery, sterilization machine, silk printing and dyeing, food, electric automatic line, pharmaceutical, garment processing industries such as transport.
Material: A3 low carbon steel, 45# steel, 1Cr13 heat resistant steel, stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, 0Cr25Ni20 0Cr18Ni14NO2CU2 heat resistant acid resistant steel
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